Why Should You Send Your Employees?


Cascadia IT Conference 2012 offers opportunities for your employees to strengthen their skills in system, network and database administration. By having your employees attend this conference they will have the opportunity to be exposed to the most current information in the field and training on how to use it.

Some notable topics featured in the conference will be:

– Powershell tutorials taught by Steven Murawski, Senior Windows Systems Engineer for Edgenet

– A keynote talk about “Unified Cloud: How Context Aware Clients Will Enhance the Cloud Experience” by Ben Cahoon of Stoneware, Inc.

– The Limoncelli Test: 32 essential methods to improve your systems environment and team by Tom Limoncelli

– Useful, current information for all kinds of system administrators computer, database, network, SAN, VMware, etc.

– Don Crawley will be sharing methods of providing  helpful customer service while still efficiently exercising your skills as a system administrator

– Root Cause Analysis with Stuart Kendrick will give guidance on analyzing IT problems and offering an array of tools to fix IT issues

– Deep Packet Inspection Using WireShark with Mike Pennachi

– How to Make Wireless Work in a Conference Setting with David Lang, this talk is ideal for any system admin who works in an environment where wireless is being used in high traffic areas such as schools and companies heavily dependent on wireless devices

-Advanced Topics with Puppet with Garrett Honeycutt

There are countless other talks and opportunities for your employees to take away current information that will help them on the job. Not to mention, they probably won’t mind coming to local conference where they will have the opportunity to take home a complimentary goody bags from our sponsors and have a chance to win a Galaxy tablet!

What your employees learn at the conference will be tools that they can take back to your organization. Even the most knowledgeable employees could use this opportunity to stay current on the newest information effecting system admins.

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