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4SYSOPS is geared towards Windows system administrators and features a variety of articles such as tool reviews, helpful tips,  and insightful news articles for system admins. Their site also contains reviews of more than 350 free Windows administration tools, as well as regular polls for professionals in the field.  Please visit their website to sign up for email updates and follow them on RSS, Facebook and Twitter.

Now celebrating its tenth year, SCALE has become one of the premier regional Open source software shows. It has grown from one day and two speaker tracks to three days and five speaker tracks and now routinely draws almost two thousand attendees. Increasingly it’s able to attract top speakers and exhibitors from all over North America. Content ranges from beginner tutorials to seminars for the experienced system administrator. And specialty seminars on Friday are conducted by various groups in the Free and Open Source Software community.

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Server Fault is a Q&A site for system administrators and IT professionals. No matter what types of servers, operating systems, or network equipment you use our goal is to get better at our profession—together. We believe finding the right answer to IT questions should be fun and free.

The Data Center Journal is the only magazine portal for the data center industry that provides information and resources for the three groups that help make a data center successful; Information Technology, Facilities and Design.
The Data Center Journal addresses the issues that affect the daily operation, design and business of a data center. Our unbiased editorials cover the entire data center. Our newest sites include and our Expert Blogs site We offer vendor directories, classifieds and a full industry calendar. DCJ Education also offers live and online vendor neutral education for the data center industry.

Free Software Magazine is the only magazine entirely dedicated to free software.It contains quality articles relating to both technical and non-technical issues.FSM’s authors write regular, well-regarded articles about the free software world.All published material is released under a free license after publication.
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By having your company become a media sponsor for Cascadia IT Conference 2012 you will be promoting your organization to numerous system administrators in the area. While last year was the debut of the event, it had over 85 attendees and already many are anticipating the upcoming Cascadia IT Conference. We are expecting around 120 attendees this year.

As a media sponsor we will place your banner on our website, place a paragraph describing your organization on our media sponsorship page, and identify you as a media sponsor in our social networking groups and at the event. In return we ask that you place our conference’s banner on your website; post to your forums, social networks, and/or mail lists about the conference; and help to promote the conference. This is our proposal for how promotion through your organization would help ours, however, if you have a suggestion for an agreement that would better benefit our organizations we would love to hear it!

If this is an opportunity you think would benefit your company or if you have any questions please contact Mary at

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