F3: Using and Migrating to IPv6


Matt Disney and Phillip Kizer

IPv6 is coming.  It is coming sooner than you expect.  Knowing the basics of IPv6, how to configure it and basic IPv6 trouble shooting tools will be an important set of tools in you Sysadmin toolbox.  Equally important are understanding the issues and pitfalls of integrating IPv6 with your site.  These include issues with the various IPv4/IPv6 client/server combinations, geolocation and Carrier Grade Nat (CGN).

Basic IPv6 topics:

IPv6 basics: addressing, frame format and routing

IPv6 services: autoconfig, DHCP6, DNS,

Configuring IPv6 on your hosts

Setting up an IPv6 test bed using a tunnel broker

IPv6 Migration topics:

IPv6 to IPv4 Carrier Grade Nat

Using dual stack IPv4/IPv6 proxy servers

Native IPv6 on your front end servers

Issues with native IPv6: coding changes, logging changes